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Billy Nixon wrote: I have been a fan of Pokémon since the very beginning. But for those who somehow managed to miss the huge craze back in 1998, I’ll give you a little heads up. The concept has always been simple, catch the Pokémon (Little monster pets) battle them against other Pokémon, train them up, beat the elite four & become the ultimate Pokémon champion. The game has you travelling the world exploring caves, cruise ships & cities. All the while levelling up your pokepals to battle one of 8 gym leaders to earn your right to the Pokémon league. I have to say that I was a little disappointed with some of the previous titles, the DS has seen its fair share of Pokémon games and while Diamond & Pearl, Heart Gold & Soul Silver were all good games, they didn’t exactly live up to my expectations the original game boy games left with me. As you would expect, I was a little dubious when I picked up my copy of Pokémon Black. However after hearing all the good things and true innovatio...

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MsKate2456d ago

A 9 for a DS game? lol, I think it's a good game but not great. I was very disappointed that the game was very short for my liking.

Blastoise2456d ago

Wow really? The regular storymode takes about 20 hours or so like most pokemon games. Which is very good for a handheld in my opinion

MoreRPG2456d ago

what's wrong about a DS game?