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Within the Final Fantasy XIII-2 walkthrough you will uncover every secret, unlockable as well as detailed instructions for every side-quest. If it’s achievements or trophies you are after, every last accomplishment to be found is also in this guide.

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gameguidedog2481d ago

Thanks GP, this is really an awesome addition, and looks to have more coming in the series as well. I.e.: XIII-3

Nitrowolf22481d ago

yea I heard FFXIII-3 is prob coming.
This game looks like an improvement over the first game. Probably wait till it's in the bargin bin to get it though

JerryMatters2481d ago

This is not going to be an XIV screwup. It looks to be one of the more promising FF releases to date. The episodic concept reminds me of Half-Life 2 eps.

GameBadger2481d ago

The bosses look awesome, as does Serah in all her glory. :)

GamePoint2481d ago

Game is wicked complex with several spoiler intended.