Wired: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review

Wired: After almost a quarter of a century of producing genre-defining Japanese role-playing games, it's difficult to accept. But I'm deeply concerned that the creators of Final Fantasy have forgotten what the components of a great Final Fantasy game are -- or have at least forgotten how to assemble them correctly.

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Ranma12453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

I hope SE is reading these reviews.

I dont hate SE, i want them to be successful. But they keep messing up

Outside_ofthe_Box2453d ago

You finally made a sane post. xD

I really hope SE sees that nobody likes the whole 13 saga so that they cancel 13-3, release VS13, get to work on Kingdom Hearts 3, and carry on from there(FF15 maybe).

Snookies122453d ago

Let's face it... The game is good, not great, certainly not FF standards. Same went for XIII as well, so no surprise there really. Let's just wait for Versus, that will redeem the series no doubt. Then at that point, let's hope that Enix realizes that Nomura-san should be in charge of all FF games from this point on. Then the company will rise back up the ranks.

abcd2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

Nomura? Please, NO.

I will never support a main FF with real time combat.

Snookies122453d ago

Umm, FF has never been about combat... It's the story that makes an RPG, and no matter what you say Nomura-san is a master at creating interwoven and complex storylines. It would be wise to let him handle them anyway, as he's (usually) the one who creates the characters for FF games. Characters and story go hand and hand as far as I'm concerned.

Outside_ofthe_Box2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

What is wrong with real time combat?

I'm hoping that VS13 finally sets the standard of how a FF game this generation play like and that is Turn Based Combat happening Real Time. FF12 had something like that which SE should have improved in FF13 instead taking 30 steps back with the battle system 13 has now.

abcd2453d ago

I like real time combat but FF was, is and will be a turn-based game for me.

It's my opinion.

KeybladeMaster2453d ago

Well than you don't support the change that Final Fantasy is known for. Or is that not true in this case? You guys use the "Oh change is what FF is about. That's why XIII is different and a good FF." but when fans that are excited about Versus XIII talk about real time combat you guys go "Wha?!!? No you guys don't get it. Final Fantasy has never been about changing its battle system."

Talk about hypocrisy. That's the direction Square is trying to take the series. You can see it in XIII and XIII-2 (terrible battle system by the way). XIII and XIII-2's battle system is like real time combat and turn based combat merged in a pot of meh. If Square really is set on making the series real time than I don't understand why they (and some other fans) are so hesitant to call Versus XIII, Final Fantasy XV.

And to address abcd, Nomura has helped make some of the best games to come out of Square weither you like it or not. As a matter of fact a lot of people in Square go to him for story idea's and characters. It's what he does. And as long as he can bring great stories back to Final Fantasy than I would prefer him to work on the games more so than Toriyama.

Tdmd2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

I want a good combat in my main FF game. Don't really care if it is real time or turn based, just as long as it is good.

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ElliePage2453d ago

FF13-2...The shittiest Final Fantasy game (ok, honestly crap like FF13 & FF13-2 aren't REAL Final Fantasy games) of the year.

thedude442453d ago

7/10 is a great score, its a sure buy.

KeybladeMaster2453d ago

While 7/10 is an okay score it is not a "great" score.

Jihaad_cpt2453d ago

have to disagree 7 is a great score. I will be picking it up on Friday

knifefight2452d ago

It's 2 full points above average. I'd call 7 "Very Good."

Grimhammer002453d ago

It's a good game. Just not ff quality.


Perhaps expectations and quality of games these days are higher than what we remember about ff series?

Hicken2453d ago

They are higher. And things like the internet and sites likes this becoming as big as they are has only served to amplify those expectations.

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