Battlefield 3 DLC Rumor – All American Map Pack

MP1st - "Today, we have a very interesting rumor coming from YouTuber, TheAustrianToast, regarding DICE’s plans for future Battlefield 3 DLC."

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MrGunny942480d ago

Would be fun... Going with jets destroying the SF bridge, that's what i wanted to do in Homefront to bad i couldn't

Spitfire_Riggz2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

That would be really cool and I bet they could do it, kind of how the antennae falls on Caspian Border

Edit: New jersey?? LMAO I dont even want to go there... but.. there will be a lot of.. Grenades!!!!

Yi-Long2480d ago

... an ASIAN map! Jungle in Vietnam, cities in Tokyo/Hong Kong, forests in Japan, snow in Korea, etc etc/

C_Menz2480d ago

Camden would be perfect for a map. Nobody would have a problem with it either since it already is a war zone.

MariaHelFutura2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

Downtown Toronto. Have the Skydome, ACC and CN tower.

Mister_V2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )


There ya go! What about an all Canadian expansion pack? Moose and bears everywhere, snow all the time, Tim Hortons at every corner. Totally kidding, I am proudly Canadian. But seriously, maps in the Rockies, heavily forested areas, rain forest areas or coastal towns? Prairies might get a little boring ;)

irepbtown2480d ago

I just want an All England map pack.

Blow up Buckingham Palace or big ben
or maybe even the London eye.

Now that would be a map pack :D
Too much America/Asia(middle east). No Europe or Africa.

CrimsonEngage2480d ago

I think NJ should be destroyed so i WOULD want to go there for that. lol

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Crazyglues2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

Yeah this one sounds too good to be true, sadly, I would love it but it's seems unlikely...

Also you know what would be really cool, is if they re-did Bad Company's 2 maps in the new engine with the new graphics.. that would be bad ass...


Yomaster2480d ago

Why all the hate toward Crazyglues? I would love for this map pack to be true, but it's far too early to tell for sure, IMHO.

And about the BF:BC2 maps, yeah it would be badass to revisit Port Valdez, Arica Harbor, and Nelson Bay again in BF3's Frostbite 2 gloriness. Yet, as much as I loved BF:BC2, I REALLY hated most of the jungle maps. :-P

ThichQuangDuck2480d ago

Maps in Bad Company 1+2 were great but would love to see something like Battlefield 2143 map pack, USA or my all time favorite Battlefield Modern Combat maps. Bring new game modes, maps, weapons,vehicles and you will earn my money

tokugawa2479d ago

modern combat had some great maps! it seems to me that dice have lost their touch in map design. what i mean is that since modern combat, the maps have gotten steadily worse

Majin-vegeta2480d ago

If we get some snow maps we better get snowmobiles i wanna snipe people riding them>:).

Criminal2480d ago

I wish they would do 2143 or Dinosaurs, but if B2K is anything to go by, I trust DICE's vision for expansion packs.

Nitrowolf22480d ago

I want Dino SO bad lol. IDK if it will ever come though. Gonna be a huge DLC if it does then

GraveLord2480d ago

They can't just add a mode like that via DLC. Especially if they would want to make it fun and have lots of replay value.

h311rais3r2480d ago

Yes they can....dlc is just data. U know the stuff on a disc? What about dl games?

Solid_Snake372480d ago

O mr Developer, why is that?

BraveToaster2480d ago

I'm guessing you're very new to gaming and most likely a console player

Ramses32480d ago

Lol, how about a full Dino multiplayer game?
That would certainly be awesome if some great team (like Dice) could pull it off.

-Alpha2480d ago

Let's hope 2143 is a standalone game, and not DLC

Criminal2480d ago

That would be perfect. A fully fledged downloadable. More complete than 1943.

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trenso12480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

hopefully they do NY more justice than IW did with their map. hopefully this is true. would love to fly jet through the sky scrapers that will be a challenge

Fylus2480d ago

I say, to hell with NY. It's the most overused city of any video game. It gets old after awhile. I wanna see some more niche cities. There are other huge and well-known cities out there, not just NY.

trenso12480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

yea i cant argue thats its over used, but i live here and love it when people get it right. why wouldnt i be excited. but it is very over used in games and movies. and ofcourse i would like them to use other cities and when they do i hope they dont take a piss on it like IW did with mw3 with NY

consolez_FTW2480d ago

If this rumor is true then awesome! I can imagine an American Woodland level, like heavily forested map or something cool like that.

Mister_V2480d ago

Would put the flechette ammo to good use!

frostypants2480d ago

I'd love something in a forest with a lot of hills/mountains.

arjman2479d ago

A paintball themed map would be epic!

SuperbVillain2480d ago

sounds awesome.I wish there was a way to play DLC maps with the standard maps in the same server.

Mikeyy2480d ago

?? On ps3 using quick match conquest, the server plays normal and dlc maps. This game has a hardon for gulf, damavand, siene and metro though... wish the servers were more random.

SuperbVillain2480d ago

really? but what about hardcore mode?

trenso12480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

Oh server browser on ps3 look for servers that start with p2. Those have all the maps in the cycle. Dice servers to my knowledge only have original maps. And b2k only back to karkand. Make sure you're searching for offical ea servers as well. Just make sure you have hardcore check all that. Hope it helps

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