Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning OXM review score

In the latest issue of the official Xbox Magazine, the publication reviewed the upcoming EA published RPG Kingdoms of Amalur

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Captain Qwark 92547d ago

im expecting this to be a highly underated gem like darksiders. i say by critics ranging from high 7's to low 9's in some cases. however most scores will be around 8.5. they are going to mostly say "this game borrws heavily from many other big titles and just doesnt do those things as well as its inspirations"-their going to say things such as that while forgetting that their is no other game oout there that combines all those aspects of other games into one and thats what makes kingdom of amalur special.

now that im done ranting, 8 is a solid score unfortunatly if its not a 9 by most peoples standards, it automatticlly sucks. i still cant wait to pick it up feb 7th!!!!!!!!!

Arts10002547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

I canceled my preorder of this game ......... I just got cold feet after my Bethesda PS3 Skyrim scandal . The Demo was full of bugs . I will let others test it on my behalf .

So a score of 8 , an OK start but not all that flattering . Lets not forget that Dragon Age 2 got a ton of 8 s ....... I am playing through this game just now and board out of my cotton pickin skull .

8 for 8 .....Kingdoms OA:R will be better . I hope a lot better !!!!

HacSawJimThugin2547d ago

What RPG doesn't have a few repetitive quest? If that's the worst thing about this game than it's a winner in my book. I think that KOA is going to be a great RPG experience...I even predict better scores than FF13-2.

baboom2232546d ago

I played the demo and I'm not gonna lie, I was severely disappointed. it just seemed like a tacky mix of dragon age 2 and fable.