The Tester is Dumb but Oddly Compelling

The PlayStation Network reality show The Tester is a completely ridiculous show that is actually worth watching….kind of.

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maniacmayhem2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

I find it hilarious that anyone would compete for an entry level position.

If anything just look for a qa job opening and apply with a resume. No point of going through the ridicule and humiliation of a "reality" show.

-Alpha2457d ago

They are upping the reward this season

-Alpha2457d ago

They get to work on a "AAA" game. Maybe they'll get to test

TheKindRoost2457d ago

the reward is working with SSM's for their next big game.

coolasj2457d ago

I made my room mate watch last season with me he said " This show is so stupid. But, I want to see the next episode. ". That basically sums it up :)

Rai2457d ago

lol thats basically all reality tv isn't it?

Fylus2457d ago

I wouldn't say the same for Jersey Shore. My younger sister tried to get me to watch just one episode so I just said to myself, "Fine. It can't be THAT bad."

God that show is horrible... I tried so hard to believe there would be just one tiny ounce of decent programming but there never was... There. Never. Was. :'(

20 minutes of my human life force, truly wasted.

multipayer2457d ago

I see the previews for it all the time, and nothing ever "compels" me to watch it.

godofboobees2457d ago

I only watch it for the host. She's gorgeous?

NarooN2457d ago

Only watching this season because of egoraptor.

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