Is BioWare Becoming Crass?

Emily argues that The Old Republic's schizophrenic approach to sex could threaten BioWare's reputation for having an open mind.

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Lord_Sloth2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

I'd say it's the fact that this is an MMO so they realize exclusive relationships would get weird online if everybody were married to the same couple of people. I guess this way it doesn't break the flow?

Star Wars in general is less mature than Mass Effect and Dragon Age so sex wouldn't be as mature as well.

Saryk2547d ago

Leave the sex out of games, use your imagination. There are literally millions of sex sites on the net, pick one!

Derpy2547d ago

BioWare passed the point of being crass a long time ago. And using sex to sell games has nothing to do with having an open mind. It has to do with insecure game designers that feel they have to throw this kind of stuff in there because they think their work wouldn't sell on it's own.