Lens of Truth Head2Head: The Darkness II Demo Screenshot Comparison

Lens of Truth writes - "Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head! This week we shed some light on The Darkness II demo on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The full game is set to be released on February 7th. Jump inside to see which demo version looks best."

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Tempjf2455d ago

Both look kind of bad actually.

Nitrowolf22455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

Looking at these shots:

The first image is just a terrible or bad timing shot, considering it looks like it's added motion blur or fade to it. On the PS3 version it's noticeable it can be seen that the blur is moving to the left, but the 360 version pic shows it to moving to the right by looking at the outlines below the neck and the strap.

The second and third image indicates that the PS3 version is sharper and has less blur, however every picture after this both version look exactly the same.

So yea gonna go with they look the same

Bigpappy2455d ago

This game looks very dated. Why bother with a comparison?

padz12455d ago

Nothing stands out to be better in either versions. No one will know the difference when theyre playing it unless one version is more stable.

theeg2455d ago

the pc version i downloaded on steam looked really good, sadly, the gameplay was....mehh

pyramid2455d ago

they look about the same.But my bet is that the xbox 360 has better framerates than ps3 version.And so the disagrees arrives....

FrigidDARKNESS2455d ago

From these screenshots you can see that this engine is outdated.

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The story is too old to be commented.