Top 5 Uncharted Moments

The Uncharted series is notable for its cinematic moments, but which are the best of the best, and top the list as the most suspenseful, exciting, or thrilling?

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RedDead2550d ago

Boat scene was the best eye candy for me. Specially when it was side way's and you see through the glass. The whole water bit was the best part of all 3 games for me. When the rogue wave and all came... Although it was crap and irrelevant in terms of story, I mean some random guy just took up 2 hours of the game randomly. The whole ship scene was irrelevant to the story, it was put in just for an excuse to put us on a sinking boat

SoapShoes2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

Even if it was irrelevant, how could you say it was crap? It did nothing to make the story worse and added a fun level to play in. However, I disagree that it was completely random. If you look at it that way then a lot of scenes from the first two games didn't need to be there to progress the story.

r212550d ago

one moment for me was the chase scene in U3, as kid drake. oh man, the music and the chase and the town, awesome :D

Luc202550d ago

Yeah the music was amazing. I downloaded the soundtrack from the psn sotore. The track from the roof chase is called "museum bust"

Bioshocking2550d ago

Yes, I loved that part of the game, the spanish guitar was awesome.

My top 5 Uncharted moments SPOILERS

5) The Ship from U3
4) The Train from U2
3) The caravan from U3
2) The ending of U2
1) Young Drakes rooftop getaway

Man I love this series

ginsunuva2550d ago

You forgot the uc2 convoy.

Bioshocking2550d ago

@ ginsunuva

The U2 convoy was cool, but not as epic as the U3 convoy.

Ilovetheps42550d ago

*Spoilers for anyone who hasn't played UC1*

My favorite moment was during the first game when you found out that the statue was actually a curse. I just didn't see it coming and it was incredibly shocking in my opinion.

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The story is too old to be commented.