The Making of Oddworld Strangers Wrath HD

Digital Foundry's Richard Leadbetter writes:

"In this special Digital Foundry interview, we talk with Just Add Water CEO Stewart Gilray and technical director Steven Caslin. We chart the origins of the deal to bring back the Oddworld games, the team's approach to the HD remastering process, the assets they had available to work with in reconstructing Stranger's Wrath, and the PS3-specific technical enhancements made to the game - many of which are scheduled to be rolled back into the existing PC game in a forthcoming patch. And we also find out the trials and tribulations JAW has endured in trying to get what was originally an Xbox exclusive published on the 360... "

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andron4256d ago

Ahh, great interview. I will definitely get this game...


17 Years Later, Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath Is Better Than Ever ⋆ Vibe The Nook

17 years after its initial release, Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath has returned -- and has never been better than this.

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Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD: PS 5 Gameplay


Here is a look at the new HD version of the game played on a PS5. I am not a fan of the camera system which makes viewing in third person harder than it should be but the game looks great otherwise.

Yi-Long586d ago

I liked the game back when it was released, especially the squirrel-gun of course (were they squirrels? Not sure) and the other weapons, and some fun enemies. A genuinely original game, but I doubt I’ll bother with the remaster. When you look at the textures they really feel low-res and outdated.

Garethvk586d ago

The camera was horrible 3rd person.

JL2930586d ago

Tried it on the Vita back in the day. Sucks.

Garethvk586d ago

Some are really good. This is a remaster and aside from the camera issues, its ok.

NecrumOddBoy586d ago

Oddworld Abe’s Oddysee and Exoddus on PS1/PC are 10/10 phenomenal. Munch’s Oddysee is a 7, Stranger is a 6, New and Tasty is also a 6, and SoulStorm is sadly a 3. I’m a massive Oddworld fan and I have been incredibly disappointed with the series after the original two titles.


Continue the Oddworld saga as Stranger's Wrath HD shoots onto Xbox and PlayStation

Neil writes: "For many the mere mention of an Oddworld game ushers up memories of Abe and Munch, even more so after the recent release of the brilliant Oddworld: Soulstorm Enhanced Edition. But there's more to this universe and some seventeen years ago Stranger rocked up to deliver his wrath to the OG Xbox. It's fair to say it didn't go down as well as expected. Now though he's back, as Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD hits Xbox and PlayStation."

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SirBruce588d ago (Edited 588d ago )

Excellent game. It was a bad decision not to launch on PlayStation initially.

MadLad588d ago

I have it on PC, but highly recommend those with a Playstation or Xbox to give this one a go. Great game.

SurgicalMenace587d ago

Again, the game's been out since PS2; it's about time for a sequel.

Mr_Luke587d ago

Ok, good game, i finished it on og Xbox, PSVita and PS3. But... enough, wasn't it better if they made a part 2 or something?

Phlacky587d ago (Edited 587d ago )

Shame, PS5 and XBSX could have easily ran this at 120fps. Even if they targeted a lower resolution like 1440p or 1800p still would have been worth it.

MadLad586d ago (Edited 586d ago )

I can run this thing 1440p 60fps on a rig I have with a now ancient 680 in it. The Series S should be able to do 4k 60, 1440 120 with no issue.