Top 5 best Capcom games ever made

Agree or not, here are five of Capcom's best games ever from their massive library of video game gems from over the years.

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Myst2551d ago

Feel like something related to Monster Hunter should be here.

solideagle12551d ago

Okami is the best game ever made. he is missing. and DMC 3 is much better than 1.


Blastoise2551d ago

No, DMC 3 is not better than 1. DMC 1 had a much better atmosphere, music, setting, enemies, characters & bosses. Nothing in the series has come close to topping the first one. Have you actually even played it? Be honest..

ThanatosDMC2551d ago

DMC1 started everything. Nothing in DMC3 can compare to fighting Nightmare 3 or Mundus 2 on DMD mode.

Thabass2551d ago

Agree with the Okami. This list is FAIL.

solideagle12551d ago

Of course i have played all DMC. the depth which is DMC 3 cannot be found on anyother DMC. styles, DMD bosses etc etc but if you think DMC 1 is better then good. In my opinion 3 is much better.


smashcrashbash2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

Damn straight.It is criminal that Okami should be forgotten for the kind of game it was. It rivaled Zelda in my opinion. Also DMC 3 was the best one.I agree. DMC was good but DMC 3 was even better.It had a lot more depth then the first one.

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adorie2551d ago

my top 5 would be...

Resident Evil 1

Breath of Fire 2

Megaman 4

Megaman X6


ThanatosDMC2551d ago

Megaman X6! Bubbles up.

MML2 would be another good one.

Chaos Legion if anybody else has played that game.

colonel1792551d ago

I stopped playing Megaman X series at X5. For me the best one is X4. I didn't like X5 at all, so maybe that's why I didn't play X6. Is it really that good?

Honky Kong2551d ago

How could there be 8 disagrees?! Monster Hunter probably made more money for Capcom than all their other games combined! Well i dont know, but its very popular here(Japan)

PSVITAlitysensor2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

Monster Hunter... yeah, but where is Capcom's best game??


geddesmond2550d ago

Aye remember the dude who wrote this probabley only played those Capcom games from this gen and last gen. Like WTF is SSF4 doing there. Its good but not capcoms top 5 plus Omnimisha 3 is 10 times better than 1. Same with Devil May cry 3

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RaidensRising2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

Dino Crysis mentioned but not on the list and what about classics such as Ghosts N Goblins? Final Fight. Rival Schools,Powerstone and a firm favourite of mine Chaos Legion. Not forgetting RE: Remake.


HellzAssassin2551d ago

Chaos Legion...
Not every day you hear someone mentioning that game. It's definitely one of my favourites as well. It's a pity it was such an underrated and underappreciated game...

zerocrossing2551d ago

I never gave that game much chance since I stoped after the 1st section, makes me wanna give it another go seing all the prais it gets :/

HellzAssassin2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )


Praise!? Hahaha, so many people hated on the game, and reviews bashed the living **** out of it; hence me stating it was "underrated"... But I guess as time goes by, people decided to like games that people hated on before. Like now, Legend Of Dragoon is highly praised amongst everyone, but back then, everyone was like "OMG FFVII IS SO MUCH BETTER" and so forth... But yet it's still one of the best RPG's ever created in my book.

Either way, you should definitely play the game. It's phenomenal in multiple categories including story, atmosphere, gameplay, character design, voice acting, etc.

dredgewalker2551d ago


I didn't know that Legend of Dragoon was bashed but I did enjoy the game. Sure it was no FF but it was good in its own right.

Baka-akaB2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

Yeah i always found it "odd" to see that many folks around here love LoD . BAck in the day most people i knew were hating it (that and legend of legaia) and pegging it as some poor man's ff7 .

Then again most of those people couldnt see beyond FF7 , or even only started jrpgs with ff7 .

dredgewalker2551d ago


I actually didn't get into Legend of Legaia, I just found the graphics too dated at that time and didn't like the art style. It's not that odd to see people like Legend of Dragoon, some of my friends even liked it too. But the best rpg's on the PS1 one for me was FF7, Wild Arms and Xenogears because I spent a lot of time playing them.

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Kingdom Come2551d ago

You're mistaking "Dino Crisis" for the planned Prehistoric Prequel of Crysis in development at Crytek, "Dino Crysis".

badjournalism2551d ago

I think we can tell what kinda of gamer this individual is. Can probably determine his age by this list too...

pandaboy2551d ago

about 20 years and not a lame hardcore gamer?

The GOAT2551d ago

Mega Man 2 and/or Mega Man X should have been on that list.
Though I do agree strongly w/ RE2.