Family Research Council against Gay Relationships in SWTOR

The Family Research Council (FRC) is speaking out against the gay relationships in SWTOR and had this announcement recently

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Pozzle2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago ) the option of homosexual romance in the game is wrong, but killing and maiming is totally ok? Having a romance with people of the same gender is unacceptable, but romancing aliens of a completely different species is fine? o.O

Heck, the game isn't for kids anyway. Is it so hard for parents to do their job as parents nowadays? If they're are upset by the game and don't want their kid to play it, then *gasp* don't buy it.

zerocrossing2455d ago

Again you hit the nail on the head there Pozzle, the parents just admitting they are completely incapable of monitoring what their kids play.

Honestly, what's the harm? People suddenly gonna turn gay through playing the game or something?, if they have such prejudice then like you say they shouldnt play, I tell you this censoring crap is getting ridiculous.

JsonHenry2455d ago

^^Exactly. I could watch gay stuff all day long but I am not touching no one but the ladies.

coolbeans2455d ago

"If they're are upset by the game and don't want their kid to play it..."

I see where you're going, but are you directing that part at the Family Research Council?

Pozzle2455d ago

Oops. I should have clarified. That part was directed at the upset parents. :O

Bioshocking2455d ago

Last time I remembered, having sex with a blue alien became the top news at Fox.....

But hell, its more than a compliment to call Fox "news".

Deadpool6162455d ago

Romancing aliens you say? This give me the opportunity to finally post this video.

tplarkin72455d ago

Yes. Killing and maiming people in a Star Wars game is okay. It's a game with light-saber wielding Jedis and laser gun combatants. Leave the gay stuff out.

Pozzle2455d ago

I'm not saying killing shouldn't be allowed in the games. I just meant it's silly that there are people so focused on getting homosexuality banned in any media, yet they ignore other things that are far more harmful to children (like killing, stealing, raping, etc). IDK it just seems such an odd double standard that people freak out if they see two men or women kissing, but then they let their kids shoot a bunch of soldiers, run over prostitutes, bomb buildings, etc.

It's not like the gay romance is compulsory anyway. Even if a parent DID buy the game for their kid and didn't want them exposed to homosexuality, they can simply monitor the kid's play-through to ensure it doesn't happen. It's common sense from a parenting perspective to only let your kid watch/play things you want them to watch/play.

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Parapraxis2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

Meh, these people are religious nuts.
I couldn't care less what they think, and keep your lobbyists away from my gaming FRC.

-Alpha2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

Funnily enough, the "Our religion is offended, so obey our petty sensitivities" shtick here is much more quieter than over on the game about Muhammad

Same crap, different toilet. These people will shove their beliefs down your throat and wont be satisfied until they have total moderation

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Fatty2455d ago

Relationships lead to the Dark Side of the Force, so perhaps they're just trying to encourage positive Force development... that or they're trying to impose their beliefs on everyone by playing the "gays are out to corrupt your kids" card.

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