Jessie Breaks up with Capcom

"My dad once told me something that has stuck to me to this day. He said “Boy, no matter how hot a woman is, remember someone some where is sick of her shit!” Such powerful words and I am pretty sure they can be used in this situation. I know there are a lot of Capcom fans and that’s fine. I realize that I am just one man and that my anger towards Capcom for their recent mockery of Megaman may be irrational, but dammit I am passionate about Megaman and this is the last straw for me. Basically, I believe it boils down to bad timing. Had the terrible box art Megaman spoof was around BEFORE all the other BS occurred, I’d be laughing it up with everyone else. Instead they choose the worst possible time. The video below is my response to Capcom for all that they’ve done. I hope you can at least see a little bit of the pain inside me."

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Sidology2458d ago

This would've been better if you were wearing a Street Fighter shirt.

iNFAMOUZ12458d ago

whooooooooo cares not news

Pikajew2458d ago

Thay guy should play kinect

Gohadouken2458d ago

Dont let fat megaman's buster hit you on the way out .

Anyway cool story bro' /s

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