WoW PvP - Improving the Game: Banning Top End PvE Gear in Rated PvP

Top end PvE gear has caused a ton of balance issues in rated PvP over the years. Blizzard have constantly ignored the lessons of the past and failed to address the heart of this issue. The fact is, top end PvE items are not designed with rated PvP in mind and, while Blizzard are willing to nerf these items for PvP reasons, their method of addressing the issue simply causes resentment between the PvE and PvP communities and negatively impacts one area of the game for the other. These items also tend to skew the rate of reaction in PvP—instead of been able to respond to high damage with healing or various survivability talents, people are instead killed before they regain control of their characters in the opener or randomly struck down by stars aligned damage. Blizzard needs to change their approach on this issue and today we’ll be discussing the issue and one such way of addressing it.

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