Sony: Most Popular GameFly'd Games of the Week

Here is the weekly list of the most popular Gamefly'd games (Week Ending 9/18/2006) for Sony including PLAYSTATION 3 Games!

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TheMART5851d ago

Too bad for Sony Assassins Creed wasn't an exclusive for PS3. This one would sell systems on a large scale. Now it's on PC/360 also.

Furthermore, the top 3

1 Assassin's Creed Action Adventure Ubisoft
2 Resistance: Fall of Man Shooter Sony Computer Entertainment
3 Call of Duty 3 Shooter Activision

Has two of those multiformat titles there. Sony it's really nescessary to get more exciting exclusives fast.

LiquifiedArt5851d ago

Thats proably the funniest (opinion) i've read. Let me clarify that your opinion isnt true in my case.
2)Warhawk <-- ps1 game was awesome
4)Heavenly sword or Virtua fighter/tekken