Meodia: Rage Review

Meodia reviews id Software's game, Rage;

"Rage has an interesting history; it was originally going to be massive sprawling game with multiple hubs and hours of side-quests and mini-games but id was intent on bringing Rage onto consoles, more importantly onto the Xbox 360...They also decided to universally cut content on the PS3 and PC versions so 360 owners wouldn’t feel left out. Naturally nobody was happy with this decision, but what’s the game that we’re left with? Well let’s take a look."

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NSG2457d ago

Being a Fallout fan, and seeing the similarities I feel drawn to getting this game. Is that a fair comparison?

I'll have to make it one of the next in line I purchase.

Jallen2457d ago

The setting is very similar to fallout but it has a different feel. Few RPG elements and no pausing in the middle of combat to highlight what body part you would like to shoot at.

seanpitt232456d ago

This game is nothing like fallout just to be clear on that rage at first is a very very good game the shooting mechanics are the best ive seen awesome ragdoll affects good graphics. But after that it goes down hill iam afraid its nothing like an rpg the story is good at first then it loses the plot all together and it has the worst ending in gaming history no its that bad. It felt rushed at the end when it took id somewhat 6 years to make after you finished the game thats it there is no replay value at all sadly.Only if fallout had the shooting mechanics of rage and graphics then that would be the god of all rpgs.

Jantrit2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

It looks like a great game. Might get it, kind of looks like a mix of fallout (for the setting) and border lands to me which I'm sure cant be a bad thing.