Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer online 8 quick tips

Kill more, die less online in Modern Warfare 3 with these 8 simple tips

1 : Sprinting and aiming is a major part of Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer online and if you have been playing it as much as we are,there’s a brief pause between sprinting and aiming, enough of a window to take a fatal bullet. Let the idiots sprint into your bullets for a change.

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flyinrhyno2452d ago

Good tips, another quick one I read somewhere is setting your analog sensitivity higher, go up a notch get used to it and keep climbing, it speeds reaction time

Oschino19072452d ago

My rule has always been that from atleast medium distance you should be able to track and even lead a target that's sprinting while aiming down sights or while scoped depending on your weapon of choice.

But yes, doing it in small increments in the best, you will barely notice it and makes it a breeze to adapt.