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Soul Calibur V revitalised and greatly reinvented

Since its Edgy debut in 1999, the Soul Calibur series has occupied an awkward middle gaming land, with neither the familiarity of the Street Fighter Series, Tekken’s mash – friendly immediacy, nor Virtua Fighter’s hardcore appeal. It now faces another challenge, returning three years after Soul Calibur IV to find a fighting game landscape like never before.

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Laypoof2459d ago

the way the score was typed really confused me...

byeGollum2459d ago

would this -> 10/10 confuse you? *giggles*

Chrono2459d ago

Overused picture, don't you think?

wenaldy2459d ago

What's the meaning of 08?

Bashiii2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

08/10 = 8.0/10
sorry for the confusion.