How Skyrim hijacked my life

Don’t consider this a review, as much as a full-on endorsement/friendly warning about The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

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joab7772551d ago

Growing up, I was a huge RPG fan. I couldn't afford alot so I bought rpgs and played them for months and months. Final fantasy 7 is my all time favorite. I also remember grinding for a month in order to duplicate knights of the round so i could beat the American monsters on another FF. It was heaven for me. Unfortunately, while this Gen has been great with bioshock, mass effect, fallout etc, it hasn't given me the rpgs that i crave. Yes, i played lost Odyssey and tales etc, but nothing like baulders gate. I bought a ps3 for oblivion.

Now, i had my reservations about skyrim because i knew that it had no escalation or drama, no grinding for experience or the ability to get a powerful weapon (by the way, that's what is missing in FF now. They are trying to be too western. I just want a HD gorgeous FF game...oh well.) But, despite all that, i am 250+ hours into skyrim. Its immersion is unparalled. I have created my own story to help with what is missing. It does lack drama or hero complex, but u just can't remove yourself from its world.

I guess maybe someday, someone will make a game w biowares dramatic flare and bethesdas immersion, w squares ability to dangle the carrot. Until then, i am satisfied...and almost done. Here's to hoping kingdoms of amalur is up to par

Stealth2k2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

skyrim is quantity over quality

Like the Kingdom of A director said. The games are all the same. And all lord of the rings world rip offs

If you want good story, characters, gameplay, quests, anything but size

look elsewhere

Hufandpuf2551d ago

Lord of the rings ripoffs? Kingdoms of A is basically Skyrim, Fable, Mass Effect, and world of warcraft put together.

bakagaijin782550d ago

I have to agree. I played the KoA demo and felt like I was playing fable + a little Dragon Age mixed in.