SSX Deadly Descents Own the Planet: Patagonia Video

The next stop for SSX is Patagonia! The target descent here is the north face of Fitz Roy; and at thirty-three-hundred and seventy-five meters it’s one of the steepest faces in the world! Here's the video to prove it.

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CarlitoBrigante2454d ago

Its called SSX only now, not Deadly descents anymore

LoLZoRz2454d ago

if anyone's wondering, that's Zoe's voice.

garos822454d ago

i had a chance to play the demo of this recently and im a huge fan of the series but one thing im NOT liking is the "Grid like" rewind feature. i hate being able to "correct my mistakes"

needless to say i will be picking this up and i have high hopes for shredding them mountains. i also hope there is a custom soundtrack option :)

Rampaged Death2454d ago

There is a custom soundtrack option.

garos822453d ago

cheers have a helpful bub