Official Killzone Twitter Page Deletes Tweets About Original Killzone Coming To PSN

Remember when Sony confirmed that the original Killzone was being released to the PSN on January 24th? Well we all know nothing came of it and now even the official twitter page for the game is forgetting about it too.

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Forbidden_Darkness2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

I'm thinking after they saw that alot of people wanted it upgraded to HD with trophies, they decided to do that, instead of releasing it just as it was.

sinncross2483d ago

Hopefully more then just an HD upgrade. I suspect the online MP may be ditched (im not phased either way) , but regardless it would be great if they added campaign co-op at the very least.

In fact, make the offline MP 4 player split-screen.

I`ll definitely look forward to this more if not just a PS2 classic release.

AusRogo2483d ago

Whoa, youre asking a bit much there I think. It would be nice for co op campaign and 4 player split screen, but I just dont see that happening if they were to release a hd remake.

TooTall192483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Split-Screen mp is confirmed, but no online. Check their twitter for proof.

Edit: nevermind that tweet is also gone... dang

sinncross2483d ago

Did they say 4 players though? Cause the original KZ has offline split screen MP for 2 players.

if they are going to `remake` this they may as well go all out I say.

admiralvic2482d ago

The problem is that it would be the "odd man out". All HD PS2 games SO FAR have been in the form of collections. I seriously doubt the company could make money making a HD version of Killzone then bringing it to a disc and charging like 20... it's not cost effective.

ginsunuva2482d ago

They've all also been psn releases. Killzone could be hd remake on psn-only.

RedDead2483d ago

Why delete the tweets? It's not like they can just deny it ever existed.

Loving fan:"Hey I thought KZ was coming to Psn?
GG: "Huh? Who told you that?"

Pintheshadows2483d ago

I'd like to see a fully fledged remake on the new engine. I wish more devs went down the HL Source road.

San Andreas in Euphoria would be nice.

TeaDouble_E2483d ago

I would like a HD remake but Sony has to clarify the status of the original. Tell us if they are gonna remake it or releasing the original.

AusRogo2483d ago

If they give it the hd look and trophies while keeping everything else, by god I would buy it in a heart beat. I was going to buy it even if it released as a ps2 classic. But a hd remake would just be awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.