Ten Video Game Characters We'd Like to Have a Beer With

JD writes: "We've all heard the "most influential" or "baddest-assed" lists compiled of video game characters. But why not apply the all-important "get a beer with" test to these same characters? It's an almost completely original idea!
So here it goes -- ten video game characters we'd like to have a beer with."

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Oldman1002457d ago

Drake was chosen over Sully? What the...

SaffronCurse2457d ago

I'll have a beer with both.

Bioshocking2457d ago

Id have a beer with both of them, get drunk, stumble out of the bar, puke next to the side walk and then laugh.

Man, just imagine the nights you could spend with Nate and Sully

Spydiggity2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

after about 3 minutes of having a beer with drake, i'd end up jamming my fork in his eye. a one-dimensional treasure hunter that constantly goes after "treasure" that is cursed even though he's way too even headed to believe in curses despite the fact that he's already fought spanish monsters, supermen in monkey suits, and whatever the hell the power was in the 3rd game (something about collapsing a building and initiating a QTE fight sequence).

point is, he would be incredibly boring to sit around having a beer with.

I'd rather have several beers with Chloe.

2nd choice: Donkey Kong

InLaLaLand2457d ago

Kratos will probably kill everyone on site if someone pisses him off *rage of sparta plays in the background*.

Kazuma Kiryu, guy would beat down everyone for you :D

telekineticmantis2457d ago

If it wasn't for the fact he'd kill you with his bare hands, especially if you get him drunk.

spike2456d ago

I would rather see Drake on Meth. Im sure he would find the treasure in about an hour

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