The Political Game: Hey, Guv, your hypocrisy is showing

Each week IGN's Dennis McCauley contributes The Political Game, a column on the collision of politics and video games:

"A lot of nasty stuff is happening in the world these days: war, poverty, terrorism, racism, and the collapse of the housing market, to name just a few.

And yet Mitt Romney, the pretty boy among Republican presidential candidates, has time to fret about the cartoon violence in video games and other forms of media. Okay, he's entitled to his view. But his view looks hypocritical - even bizarre - when you consider the fact that real-world torture is okay with Mitt."

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HeavyRaines174738d ago

Double-double, hypocrite trouble! He also advertises on this site so that makes him a double hypocrite. Do these cancel out then?

Dmack794738d ago