Blizzard's next MMO love gazing into the gaming crystal ball. They love thinking about the future, where cars will whiz above people's heads, money will be abolished and Lambeth Council will have worked out how to stop people blasting music from their mobile phones on top of the 159 bus.

Who knows what mind-bogglingly brilliant video games the R and D bods at everyone's favourite games makers will come up with? What's happening in the secret corridors of Valve... Epic... Blizzard?

This week a Blizzard community rep confirmed that the World of Warcraft developer is working on a next-gen MMO. "... it is an unannounced next-gen MMO," said the rep. "And that doesn't mean an expansion for World of Warcraft either."

So, let the fun and games begin. What could Blizzard's new MMO be?

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Rooted_Dust4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

PS3 & Xbox 360? When was the last time Blizzard put a game on a console?
I'm not talking about vapor ware like SC: Ghost either. What was it? Diablo? Starcraft 64?

RelloC4737d ago

Diablo 1 for the PSOne is the last one that comes to mind.

Odion4737d ago

ya by next gen MMO, i would just assume a next generation of MMO. not a console MMO, blizzard doesn't need to ever touch the console space

Bnet3434737d ago

They also don't need to make another game. They are making billions off WoW, they can just sit on their asses and get rich if they wanted to.

Lionsguard4737d ago

Blizzard isn't just Blizzard now they're Activision Blizzard so it is a possibility that it just MIGHT, MIGHT come out on a console. Thought I hope they just stick with PC MMOs.

Odion4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

no pretty much they already said nothings changed, no one bothers them, and no one tells them what to do. Its not smart to bother the biggest PC developer of all time.

Xemnas4737d ago

Just put it on ps3 they should be fine (ps3 mouse and keyboard support)

iceice1234737d ago

=waste of dev time. Blizzard is smarter then that.

rich13er4737d ago

off of Fasa and create a shadowrun MMO. I never played the RPG, but unlike others I did enjoy the 360 FPS. Could have used better graphics and more maps but the game play was solid.

Heres a couple other Ideas:
Simpsons MMO
Back to the Furture(one of my all time favorite movies so had to say it.)

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