Risen 2 is primarily developed for the PCs; design decisions limited by the console versions

DSOGaming writes: "Risen was an amazing RPG and a true, spiritual successor to the Gothic series. Piranha Bytes proved that they can offer us an amazing and bug-less gaming experience, provided they’re given the time to polish their games, and we are pretty sure that a lot of PC gamers are looking forward to its sequel. However, you might not be pleased with what you’re about to hear, especially if you are a ‘console-hater’."

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decrypt2481d ago

Why compromise the game due to consoles. its not like the last one sold well on consoles. also most console gamers like to play shooters. they are better of making a shooter on the sidelines exclusively for consoles if they are so interesred in that market.

ProjectVulcan2481d ago

Yup it wasn't so good on console, i seem to recall 360 suffering from nasty pop in and animation etc not to mention poor framerate.

They should just build it for PC and do what they want, then port it to more capable consoles like Wii U or the next gen machine which will probably be out within a year of the game launching anyways...

HebrewHammer2481d ago

Risen 1 could have easily run on 360 and PS3 as well as it did on PC. It's just not a very demanding game. Cut the BS Piranha and make a solid game without excuses. Jesus.

Reborn2481d ago

Sorry, but when does his small comment say it was limited by console versions?

Seems you've took his words, and spiced them up a bit.

john22481d ago

"We took the console versions into consideration from the beginning when we had to make performance and design decisions"

It's pretty clear that their design decision was limited from the beginning. If something wouldn't work on consoles, they wouldn't implement it. That's what they're basically saying

banjadude2481d ago

I played the heck out of the first one for PC, and it was a blast. Having said that, the game needs major work in terms of quest markers, a more useful overworld map and character interaction with NPCs.