The NextBox 720 Dilemma: Next Gen DRM


"Recently, Kotaku reported that a reliable source informed them that the next Xbox will not run pre-owned games.

Words cannot truly fathom what went through my mind (and the corresponding facial expression) upon reading this, and it led to deep thought about this issue.

Pre-owned titles are the life, blood and central source of revenue for corporations such as GameStop, and many others around the world.

What will this do to not only those corporations, but the gaming economy as a whole?"

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gaminoz2455d ago

I rely on selling or trading my used games to buy new ones, so if they want to do this, fine, but I won't be able to buy as many new releases.

dark-hollow2454d ago

I would never buy it if they support this crap!
Passes are one thing, but this??
Very doubtful.

Colwyn2454d ago

i wouldnt mind such a system because i buy all my games new.

Proeliator2455d ago

It's going to be an interesting next few years as the industry adapts to all of these new fundamental changes.

BadCircuit2455d ago

Download only, limited content, online passes, day one updates...

I wish we just went back to having the whole game on disc :p

I can't buy millions of games either, so if I have to pay full price all the time, I won't be gaming much

Eske2455d ago

It's clear that gaming companies haven't quite figured out the specifics of how they want to approach the issue, so I'm not worried just yet. Somehow, I expect that a solution will be found that helps publishers and developers retain profits while still ensuring that we can rent and resell. Perhaps I'm being optimistic.

I'm cool with the online passes though. That a player can buy a game used, and play on the developer's servers, without the developer seeing a dime, is wrong.

BadCircuit2455d ago

I tend to agree with you. It's better than restricting some content in single player.

steve30x2454d ago

Didnt their reliable source also say that the next gen consoles would be announced in CES 2012

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The story is too old to be commented.