War or gaming fun? Spot the difference

The blurring of reality and the virtual world has come full circle. Just over twenty years ago I can remember watching the first stirrings of the Gulf War, arguably the first television war, and one where the images of missile strikes were commonplace.

by Phil Coomes

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ATi_Elite2545d ago

those game shots of Amra II are pretty dam close to the real photos.

Just think how even closer Arma III will look next to real photos.

With the upcoming releases of teh HD7000/GTX600 games should be using more and more Ray Tracing thus further erasing the line between photos and graphics.

soundslike2545d ago

so the question is:

can mental exertion reach the same effects of emotional trauma resulting in PTSD?

MAJ0R2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

Not in Arma 2, but Bohemia has another version of the VBS2 engine for military only. It's used in combination with virtual reality to help soldiers with PTSD cope and get rid of their condition by very realistically simulating a similar situation that they experienced.

Zha1tan2545d ago

Arma II

Current King of military shooters.

Only to be suceeded by Arma III.

gigreen2545d ago

Arma II has been out since 3 years and it looks that realistic.

I wish more devs would make use of PC hardware like that, sadly most of them dumb their games down for the ancient technology in current consoles.