Nintendo Announces Raincheck Program

December 14, 2007 - In a conference call this morning, Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime revealed a plan to get Wii systems in the hands of frustrated consumers still unable to get ahold of the elusive system.

Fils-Aime revealed that the company has partnered with GameStop to distribute rain check certificates. Consumers can buy a certificate on December 20th and 21st for the full price of the Wii system, securing a system for pick-up in January.

The company partnered with GameStop because of GameStop's strength in pre-sell technology.

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purin4740d ago

This is a good thing
Consumers will start to get frustrated if they can't get their hands on a Wii soon

NEO_X4740d ago

i'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.
except it's the other way around and nintendo is getting the better deal.
it's more like i'll gladly pay you today for a wii in 3 months.

marcdz14740d ago

This is crap. This company is so cheap on actually updating their systems and now that they finally have a system that is selling out. They decided to be cautious for 2 years now and only develop so many Wii's a month. Pathetic cheap ass company.

LanRanger4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

Nintendo has gotten more consoles on to store shelves in the first year than any console in history. They've significantly ramped up production, but it's still not enough. If Sony or Microsoft could generate this kind of demand, they'd likely be sold out too.

Edit: What part of this statement could you possibly disagree with?

lonestarmt4739d ago

this is lame. nintendo gets the full money for the console and say they sold another one, and you have to wait maybe a month to get it? rip-off.

LanRanger4739d ago

You have a choice. You can either hold on to your money and hope you eventually find a Wii, or you can reserve one and be sure you'll get it. Choice is good. Hell, Wiis will probably be going for at least $300 still by the end of January. That means you can get a 20% return on a 45 day investment. Hardly a rip off.

lonestarmt4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

its a rip off to me because most things you buy, you get before you pay it off(car, house, TV). This is the only thing I can ever think that you pay full price and you still have to wait months to get it. If you only to pay half, it would make more sense to me.

LanRanger4739d ago

It's all relative. The only other ways to be sure of getting a Wii right now are to pay the $100-200 premium on eBay or to camp out at your favorite retailer. Some might consider waiting 45 days a more attractive option.

Mc1874739d ago

Hear ya go timmy its a coupon for a wii
no you can't have it now
because this is a voucher
poor timmy

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The story is too old to be commented.