Epic Battlefield 3 Cover by Advait Nemlekar

DSOGaming writes: "I seriously can’t believe that this cover of Battlefield 3′s main theme has passed unnoticed. And you can bet your ass that everyone would be talking about it in case it was done by a girl. Which is really disappointing because, this cover my friends, is just epic. This is by far one of the best covers – for any game – I have ever heard and proves how talented this fella actually is. Advait Nemlekar deserves the spotlight, so enjoy BF3′s theme like never before!"

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Xristo2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

That was pretty damn good! no, f that..that was awesome!

Play2Win2453d ago

Battlefield 3 is beyond epic on PC. Operation Swordbreaker was the mission I couldnt believe my eyes anymore

Red_eyes_Gremlin2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

Soldiers.... we are going to war once again..

So steel your mind,check that you have a full mag in your weapon, Keep your enemy close and your friends closer.

Soldiers .. we are going to war once again.

Yes friends will die, but as long we are fighting, they wont be forgotten.

So put your helmets on, lock and load and move out!!
Cya on the battlefield. Where kids become men, and girls forget about there kitchen duty.

/R3d - Scout Sniper.

Play2Win2453d ago

dont u think you takin this too serious?

Red_eyes_Gremlin2453d ago

Naw i am just having a laugh :)

A game is just a game.
Im not stupid haha

Sry spelling : )

Play2Win2453d ago

ah ok, move on soldier :)

solar2453d ago

i love shit like this. brilliant.

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