Hironobu Sakaguchi Goes Away

Via IGN:

"When Mistwalker's Hironobu Sakaguchi last teamed up with Artoon, the result was Blue Dragon, one of the few Japanese-style RPGs for the Xbox 360. The two companies are teaming up once again for an original DS action RPG, Away: Shuffle Dungeon."

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PS360WII4736d ago

Well this game sounds pretty cool. Almost done by the sound of it as well ^^ Feb release in Japan. Hope it scores well and comes to the states shortly after

Lightning Mr Bubbles4736d ago

He got fired from Square, and now he is just out to get them.

He's developing for 360 and showing why he got fired by making 2 crappy games Blue Dragon and Lost Oddessy.

PS360WII4736d ago

Well sure he got fired but it wasn't because of his games. Blue Dragon was actually pretty fun and Lost Oddyseey looks pretty cool. Plus if you read what this game is about you'd be impressed with it too.

Try not to be a hater to much now otherwise you'll miss out on a bunch of cool games. That's less gaming for you :(

XxZxX4736d ago

that dude got fired from SE not because of games, because the movies he made which sux.

abcd4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

Blue Dragon is a good rpg. I don't understand why people criticize the game. I love it.

Lost Odyssey is awesome.
> excellent soundtrack - Uematsu 4ever
> turn based rpg - I love final fantasy (except final fantasy xii) and I wiil love lost odyssey.

WilliamRLBaker4721d ago

Yes Z he got fired because of one movie? yet he made the company what 50 billion dollars over the years?
lol you dont know alot about the japanese do you?

They are known for keeping 90 year old men in work as long as they can work, which is one reason why the country has been in an economic slump for the past 20 years.

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Darkiewonder4736d ago

But never did. LO. don't fail me now. So Away is like. better make me get me a DS lite. ;3

DethWish4736d ago

He didn't get fired, he just lost his position because of the failure FF: Spirits within.

A little after he lost his position, he left Square.

Marceles4736d ago

Sakaguchi voluntarily stepped down from his post as an executive vice president at Square. This event also reduced Square's financial capital. Square soon merged with its rival, the Enix Corporation, which led to the creation of Square Enix in 2003. Sakaguchi founded Mistwalker with the financial backing of Microsoft Game Studios.

XxZxX4736d ago

lol kutaragi also voluntarily stepped down. You believe he is really voluntarily?

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