New Game Releases - February 2012

GamerXChange: "....There will be some games that you do not want to miss. Here’s a list of your most notable retail store releases for the month of February 2012."

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SoundGamer2609d ago

The Vita, Vita games, and accessories will put me over my gaming budget for the month. I'm not sure I'll be able to get anything else.

There are a few things I would love to get though, like Twisted Metal.

LiViNgLeGaCY2608d ago should get Twisted Metal. ;)

badz1492608d ago

will definitely get it but a bit later as I have some Vita games to finish and the major reason being Jak & Daxter Collection OH YEAH!

ksense2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

oh lord vita bundle with uncharted is 350 plus kingdoms of amalur and probably twisted metal. guess that tax refund is coming around the right time!!! want jak but i will wait for that when i have money laying aroudn in summer

S_C2608d ago

UFC Undisputed 3, PS Vita (wifi) with Uncharted: GA and PS Vita Fifa.

Majin-vegeta2609d ago

Twisted Metal is all i need for February.

LoaMcLoa2608d ago

That and The Last Story for me!

ThatMiamiGuy2609d ago

2011 took all of my money. Especially November. I need to hold back on purchasing any games but man, there are a few nice things coming out next month.

thedude442609d ago

Can't wait for twisted metal. Its going to rock.

hardandsloppy2608d ago

Getting way too much, twisted metal, ps vita first edition bundle, uncharted:ga, and who knows what else :)

KeybladeMaster2608d ago

That is pretty much what I am getting to. I am taking a week off work just to play Twisted Metal and my new Vita. Cannot wait.

hardandsloppy2608d ago

Lucky you! I'm gonna just probably take of the 15th, cant afford to tak anymore time off. Good luck though with all your incredible games!

KeybladeMaster2608d ago

Lol I plan too. It will be hard month, money wise, but it will be worth it ;).

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The story is too old to be commented.