Left 4 Dead - The Movie (Part 3) Teaser Trailer

DSOGaming writes: "Connor McGuire and Colin McGuire are the directors of a fan-made live action film that is based on Valve’s zombie FPS, Left 4 Dead. The team behind it has already released its first two parts and have just released the teaser trailer of its third part. This third part will be coming out, hopefully, this Summer and you can view bellow its teaser trailer, alongside with its previous parts. Enjoy!"

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Magnus2456d ago

The blonde is hot thats all I can say nothing beats Zombieland thoe

Tanir2456d ago

sooooooo, are they gonna have infinite handgun ammo, survive tons of attacks and just run around bashing zombies the whole movie because thats all you needed in the L4D games lol. unless it was a witch or tank i suppose

miacosa2455d ago

The Walking Dead is better.