Games Radar: Tom Clancy's EndWar Hands-on impressions and new screens

Joe McNeilly writes:

"At its core, EndWar employs a rock-paper-scissors model for conflict resolution much like other RTS games. Each map is a race to control an array of missile bunkers that make up the nuclear defense grid for the region. Contextual commands are issued through a GRAW-like HUD, or delivered verbally via the headset. Unlike traditional RTS games, there is no birds-eye view of the battlefield. Rather, the camera is locked to the units you have in the field. You can call up a satellite map that outlines the lay of the land from above, again much like the UAV in GRAW. However, in-game you can only see from your units' perspectives. While it definitely gives EndWar a different feel, it seemed a bit awkward and limiting on the first try. Familiarity with the maps might alleviate this, unfortunately we didn't have enough time to find out."

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