First Look: Xbox 360 HD-DVD Drive

Microsoft hasn't told us how much the Xbox 360's HD-DVD drive will cost, but they do promise it will be the most affordable way to enjoy high definition DVDs this year. Our guess is that we'll see the add-on on shelves in December for about $200.

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HyperBear5853d ago

they could really use it. I mean if you look at all the buzz PS3 is getting for having a HDMI output, they should at least do it with the HD DVD add-on. But then again, when you look at it, HD DVD is aminly for 1080i tvs, in which case the 360 HD/Av Cables will do just hat, making it useless for them to put HDMI in. So who knows, anyway will do i guess, but the better way is to prolly just leave as is and make the video go through the 360 and then through the HD/AV Cables. But now all they need is the movie production companies to start taking a more interest in HD DVD then Blu-Ray. I dunno anymore, they should have just put both HD DVD and Blu-Ray together and call it something else and then split the profits between the 2. That way there, wont have to spend all that money, almost 2 grand just on the 2 next-gen video formats. Oh well, i guess ill just get the add-on HD DVD drive and get the Blu-Ray drive in the PS3 and then see which one is better for me.

Aramis0015853d ago

Wait, I thought you could attatch a HDMI cable to the 360's regular output.

It was my understanding that all the 360 needed was a firmware update to display 1080p. Has this claim since been denounced?

Lionel Hutz5853d ago

In the link that you provided, there is another link to go to the EbGames product page for the supposed HDMI cable. That page no longer exists on EBGames' site. That leads me to believe that the whole thing was a mistake.

As a side note, and please help me out here - how would the 360 even be able to have a HDMI in the first place when it does not have a HDMI output?

Aramis0015853d ago (Edited 5853d ago )

I read somewhere (can't remember where, sorry) that the xbox 360 output was superior to the ps3's, and could output more signals, including HDMI with a firmware update. I too, was confused, and asked on this site about it. Invaritably it started a flame war, and I was wondering if you knew anything.

EDIT: NVM. Thanks for clearing that up TopGamer.

Lionel Hutz5853d ago (Edited 5853d ago )

First, I am pretty sire that the 360 can putput more signals than the PS3 because of the VGA connection option.

Second, I believe that the 360 is capable of 1080p with its ATI card, but I thought that the output was analog. According to TopGamer (he writes this below), that output is digital. But if it is, why would not there be a digital cable yet for it?

Aramis0015853d ago

There already is one out for it.

VGA cables are digital, and are already out for the xbox 360.

Lionel Hutz5853d ago (Edited 5853d ago )

VGA is not digital, though.

See here for more information on VGA:

The reason that cable is digital is because of the optical audio cable included with that.

Aramis0015853d ago

Oops, sorry my bad. Guess you should talk to top gamer about that, he seems to know more than I do on the subject. Sorry bout that.

Here's a site I found very informative (especially the comments). Check it out.

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Lionel Hutz5853d ago

The extra USB ports were a nice addition for those that cannot spare on on the 360 for the external drive.

More importantly, I think, it gave some inside info about ICT, HDCP, and whether or not one will be able to pass a HD source over non-HDMI cables. The info makes one believe that the studios will not implement such protection.

As for the drive itself, it is very affordable and a good way to get into the next gen disc war. No 1080p (because of the 360's current output) and no HDMI (so far) is making me shy away from it. That and the fact that it will only be used for movies and not games. But for those that do not have a 1080p TV, I can see why this is a viable option.

NextGen24Gamer5853d ago (Edited 5853d ago )

Your 100% correct. The 360 "WILL" at some point release a HDMI cable and Dvi cable. Its just a question of when. And yes all they would need to do is have a firmware update via xbox live and "WALLA" you have 1080p output. The 360 ATI video card can easily output 1080p. MS just decided to target 1080i for games. Its the sweet spot for games over the next 4 years. 1080p is a perk that only a few games will utilize. But its far from a selling point being since less than 5% of consumers own HD televisions and even less than that have 1080p tvs.

And the 360 uses a digital out. So the HDMI cable would be an adapter/cable all in one. Just like the VGA cable/adapter for the 360.

Marriot VP5853d ago

Face it guys, anybody with a 1080p tv is gonna have the PS3 and 360 for the most part. Now I know there's plenty of people on this website that are gonna buy a 1080p tv for the PS3 exclusively....well your not the majority by far. This whole issue is worthless to the 90% of gamers, so don't worry about it. The HDMI cable will come out in the next year probably so don't think it's not gonna come. The 360 jack on the back is universal.

Lionel Hutz5853d ago

Allow me to sum up my entire problem in one question:
Is the output on the 360 digital?

Sure it can do 1080p with an update, but that doesn't mean it will be able to output digital 1080p - just like the lower end PS3 can do 1080p over component analog. I know that the HDMI cable will come out but that does not guarantee that it will it be digital - just like a VGA-DVI adapter is not digital.

calderra5853d ago

You mean besides the fact that Microsoft has repeatedly stated they're not going to do HDMI, that 1080p is senseless, and that this sums up t oa recipe for never doing HDMI-1080p at all?

It's NOT HAPPENING. Virtually no one out there has a 1080p w/ HDMI, and even those that do, don't all want a game console. MAYBE 5-10% of the consumer market over the entire lifetime of this generation will adopt these standards. What's the point in catering to something no one will have?

See also: Sony fans rejoice as precisely two "games" have been confirmed in 1080p so far: Gran Turismo HD (a non-playable tech demo that was almost laughed out of e3) and Virtua Tennis 3 (yeah, a sports game). 1080p is not the massive revolution people think it will be.

Not to mention- the PS3 60GB pack will not come with HDMI cables standard. And we all know the 20GB won't do HDMI at all. If HDMI is such a massive revolution, why is the PS3 basically not implementing it?

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