The Madden NFL 13 Wishlist

Take a look at my wish list and give me input on what you think should be added?

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ATi_Elite2456d ago

that EA no longer has the NFLPA/NFL Exclusive license so that we can get NFL2K13

donscrillinger2455d ago

well i wish the same thing ATi_Elite said. damn madden is arcady hot summer alley new york trash ..bring bac the best video nfl football game ever made 2K .

dinkeldinkse2455d ago

A great football game, but it is not likely to happen based off the last several Maddens.

YIZZY2455d ago

Whats Madden? When does nfl2k get to return to making games?

NoobJobz2455d ago

Part of me hopes 2k has been working on a game all these years and just waiting for the contract to end so they can release it.