Resident Evil Revelations Price Now $39.99

Capcom announced today that the price of Resident Evil: Revelations will be marked down to $39.99 when it sees release on February 7th.

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Jackhass2458d ago

Sweet...insta-price cut!

despair2458d ago

well more like price adjustment to where it should've been in the first place.

yewles12458d ago

Why have it $50 to begin with only for this to happen?

Supa2458d ago

I'm totally guessing here, but I imagine they are hoping fans will pick up the 3DS Circle Pad Pro at the same time now that the game itself is cheaper.

I've been playing the game (early release in Europe) for the past day now and the absolute best way to play it is with dual-analog sticks! It's so convient that it makes it a must-buy with Revelations in my opinion. :)

despair2458d ago

actually its because they were using a 4gb card instead of the standard 2gb one, so capcom used that excuse to add 10 bucks to the price.

despair2458d ago

terrible excuse but anything to make money.

jc485732458d ago

lol! man, greedy bastard.

klecser2458d ago

I better get a frickin refund on my pre-order.

DarkBlood2458d ago

go back and confirm it with wherever you got it from?

klecser2458d ago

I will. Good advice. I know I probably shouldn't pay the whole thing right away, but I hate stores in general and I hate having to reserve and then pay when I go back. Too many steps. I'd just rather just get it all done when I pre-order. Normally I'd just order through Amazon and have total piece of mind but I had a gift card from Xmas.

DarkBlood2457d ago

lol its all good i used to preorder from eb games my last one was december so i decided to switch to thats when i notice the price of the game was at 39.99 the whole time and decided screw gamestop

AscendantX2458d ago

I hope they drop the price of Uncharted:GA too. That game is overpriced to hell and back.

admiralvic2458d ago

Various retailers have it for 39.99. I admit it sucks you must preorder, but it is a solution.

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