Kristen Schaal Returns Xperia Play Commercial

In yet another ridiculous promotional video for Sony Ericsson‘s Xperia Play, actress and comedian Kristen Schaal gives her insight on the multi-tasking functionality of the device. The commercial highlights Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 game.

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LettingGo2454d ago

Cool. Maybe you can upgrade the RAM on the next one...and maybe actual thumbsticks.

Don't get me wrong. I love my Xperia Play. I just...wish it worked.

Sobari2454d ago

Yeah, I don't get why they didn't go with physical thumsticks. The whole point of adding a gamepad is FOR physical input. The only way this could get dumber is if they instead had a slide-out second screen dedicated to virtual buttons.

Soldierone2454d ago

If I'm not mistaken Samsung has done just that with one of their phones. I think it was Samsung, I can't remember. lol

LettingGo2454d ago

Seriously. The odd thing is that they work incredibly well...IF the developer knows what they're doing.

Games it works well on:
- Minecraft
- Dead Space
- Batman: Arkham City (OnLive)
- Asphalt 6

Games it does not work well on:
- Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Sobari2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

Funny thing is, if they just made circular indents for the capacitive thumbsticks to basically give your thumbs a stopping point, that would have made such a dramatic difference. Granted, it's still a far cry from actual thumbsticks, but such a tiny change would have made them tolerable.

Soldierone2454d ago

They have center points....For me not knowing where you thumb is isn't the issue, its the fact games don't use it like a thumb stick and more like a touch screen controller.

Dead Space on it is awesome, and PS1 titles are awesome. Like he said if more people used it correctly the games would simply be awesome.

r212454d ago

i wonder whos gonna promote the ps vita? hopefully it aint that Marcus kid on psp.

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