System Wars 2008

The latest next-gen console battle is well underway. The Xbox 360 was the first to launch on November 22, 2005 in the US, followed by the PlayStation 3 on November 17, 2006, and the Wii on November 19, 2006. However, in Europe, things were turned a little on their head, with the Xbox 360 launching on December 2, 2005, followed by the Wii on December 8, 2006, and the fashionably late PlayStation 3 on March 23, 2007.

The previous console cycle saw the PlayStation 2 scoring a decisive win. Since it debuted in 2000, the machine has gone on to sell over 120 million units worldwide, and is the best-selling console in history so far. After overtaking Sega's ill-fated Dreamcast, which launched in 1999, it went on to fend off new rivals such as the Nintendo GameCube and original Xbox, which both went on sale in 2001.

Part of the PS2's success was Sony's scoring of must-have console exclusives on the format--including Gran Turismo 3, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, the Kingdom Hearts series, and Final Fantasy VII and VIII. Indeed, many people bought the console just to play Grand Theft Auto III and its two successors Vice City and San Andreas, which all debuted on the PS2 before being eventually ported to the Xbox and PC.

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Blademask4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

People keep forgetting the "war" started early with Microsoft.

The 360 had an early lead. Yet everyone acts as if it came out the same year the ps3 did. All in all, if the 360 came out this year, it would have done 6 million or so units. Now, would that be seen as a tragedy of mass proportions? Nope. Just sales. One would have to look at the FACT that the PS3 didn't have A. Game Lineup, B.Online Features, C. Halo3 & Mountain dew, and D. hefty price point. Yet still sold 6-7 Million units in one year.

I mean just looking from a business standpoint.. as Microsoft. Your game system sold just as much as the more expensive/game lacking PS3. In one year. Keep in mind for Sony/Nintendo. 6-7 Million in one year is considered disappointing. Software sales are double the ps3 in most cases, wouldn't that be due to the extra 6-7 million people that owned the 360 from the previous year?

At least remember that, for the flamewar thats about to start in 5..4...3...2..

rubarb234738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

while the 360 did come out a year before the ps3, don't forget that all the ps fanboys were passing on the 360 waiting for the ps3. ps3 was supposed to kill the 360 when it came out, right? so this whole thing about the 360 selling more because it came out a year earlier isn't 100% accurate. lets just say the ps3 lived up to the hype and all the ps2 owners converted, you wouldn't be saying that. ps3 would have killed the 360 in a couple of months. you talk about all the bad things the ps3 had going for it and it still managed to sell 6 - 7 million. i'm willing to bet those 6 - 7 mil it sold were to the hardcore ps2 owners. the ones who can't live without a sony product up their a$$. i mean didn't that system sell like 120 mil? so where's the rest of them?
from a business stand point, ms must be feeling good. of 120 mil ps2 owners only 6 - 7 mil made the jump to the ps3. now all they have to do is convice the remaining bunch to "jump in"

Blademask4738d ago

Whats the point of even engaging you? Seriously?

Is that what this is all about? "THE PS FANBOYS SAID..." So I guess thats that.

I bought a PS3 at launch mainly because of the Bluray player. After the games were delayed, I bought a 360. Now there are games for the PS3, and its a ton cheaper, which is why its gaining sales.

I could care less what any ps/360 fanboy says. I go where the good times are. Right now they are on both consoles.

Grow up.

socomnick4738d ago

Before I purchased my Xbox 360 I owned a ps2 I loved that system. I was waiting for the ps3 to come out and when it finally did it flopped it was a sorry excuse of a system the multiplatforms were better on the "inferior system". I wont purchase a ps3 I might get a ps4 if sony cleans up their act.

LanRanger4738d ago

Coming out a year earlier is not a guaranteed formula for success. It certainly didn't help the Dreamcast against the PS2. As was mentioned, many people delayed purchasing an Xbox to see how the PS3 would fare. The extra year also gave Sony another year for technology development, resulting in a console that is technologically superior in many ways. Many units were also purchased because it was the cheapest Blu-ray player (an advantage it no longer enjoys).

Trying to analyze the reasons the consoles have sold the way they have is almost as difficult as trying to predict the future. All we really know is that sales of both units in their first year were practically identical.

Personally I think early next year sales of the PS3 will start to out pace the 360. Then Microsoft will come out with a significantly cheaper, more reliable console update (Microsoft is in a MUCH better position to cut prices) and retake the lead temporarily. Eventually the PS3 will probably pass the Xbox permanently, but the lead will be trivial compared to last generation.

cmrbe4738d ago

How many xbox fans jump in when MS stop support of the xbox?. The majority of the PS2 crowd haven't migrated because most are waiting for another price drop as well as the returning franchise such as MGS,FF,GodOfWar etc.

DJ4738d ago

Going two years without any support from Microsoft pretty much sucked balls, even with Halo 2 to pass the time. I actually regretted getting rid of it until Warhawk came out....and then COD4. Far superior titles. =]

I just ordered Okami off of Amazon, and I know I'm picking up GOW II now that I have my Dual Shock. I'm a PS3 owner, yet I'm buying PS2 titles? WTF? Good job, Sony.

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FF7numba14738d ago

Lol thats just xbots feeling insecure about that lead. M$ can't keep the lead.

toughNAME4738d ago

I wonder how many of those PS2 gamers will convert

At least 1 already did

Fedorov4738d ago


darthv724738d ago

will have the competition in their collection. You would be stupid NOT to. You can start off being a fan of one system but eventually you end up getting the other because there is just something about games that makes you want to enjoy them on all fronts.

I was a genesis fanboy but realized there are just some games that you will not get unless you get the snes. So I did and from then on I try my best to get all the systems and their "exclusive" games. I dont have a ps3 yet but I will eventually. So my wii and 360 and used more but I know if/when I get the ps3 it will also be enjoyed as well.

Stop taking sides and just enjoy games for what they offer. Fun and entertainment.

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