Nintendo Talks Nintendo Network and DLC (for Mario Kart 7)

Nintendo will launch a new online service for the 3DS and its upcoming Wii U console that adds support for downloadable content (DLC) and personal accounts.

Company president Satoru Iwata revealed the Nintendo Network during remarks to investors on Friday.

The 3DS racing title Mario Kart 7 will be the first title to feature downloadable content, and will launch in "the near future," says Iwata.

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Jackhass2509d ago

Hopefully this is the start of better things for Nintendo online.

Samus HD2508d ago

Yes we hope
and i would love to have more routes and other stuff in mario kart

cutelittleoshawott2509d ago

Now I just need to get a 3DS.

AscendantX2509d ago

Is that the official logo?. I expected a red logo from Nintendo.

Stephen55432509d ago

Yeah, it's the official logo.

wingman32x2509d ago

Nintendo continues to take steps in the online department. It'll be interesting to see the inaugural DLC looks like. It'll provide a glimpse into what Nintendo aims to do with DLC. Going by what they've said previously, I would like to think that it won't be something stupid.

Khordchange2509d ago

Hoping for some leaderboards

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The story is too old to be commented.