Why Nintendo Would Be Wise To Re-Brand The Wii U

New Rising Media writes...

"Genius or just plain laziness? When we think about Nintendo's latest hardware releases - Wii, DS, DS Lite, DS XL, 3DS, Wii U – it's difficult not to feel a sense of serious déjà vu . In many ways however, the DS's name changes at least make a modicum of sense, with each supplementary addition tweaking its meaning ever so slightly to inform us of the DS's true purpose. Want a bigger screen? Try the XL. Want to fit the device in your pocket? How about the Lite? And that's something Nintendo severely seems to have missed with the Wii U"

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MrGunny942508d ago

They mentioned, the name might change before the launch of the console :)!

bozebo2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

I think it's supposed to be wii as in we and u as in you, the u part sounds a bit greedy though and goes against their whole branding of wii in the first place. So a renaming would be quite likely some time soon. I hear it can only have 1 of those screen controllers at once (I could be wrong, cant be bothered checking at the moment), I suppose that does make it a bit antisocial so u makes sense :P

If they follow their current waffly marketing-speak naming trend, what will the Nint console be called in 3 generations time? "Wii U Us Evry1 Thatguyoverthere"? lolz

linkratos2507d ago

You should have bothered checking

GribbleGrunger2508d ago

i can't understand why they didn't call it the Wii2, as in 'We Too'

DeadlyFire2508d ago

I still say if they want a U just name it Nintendo U. That way everyone knows its a new console. Wii U to me will create brand confusion and cause more uneducated parents to buy the Wii instead of the Wii U.

r212508d ago

i will laugh if they change it to Super Wii hahaha XD
i suggest Wii DS since it has you know Dual Screens :L

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The story is too old to be commented.