The Last of Us, Halo 4, Etc. Could Prolong/Help Kill This Console Generation

GR's DeShaun Zollicoffer writes:

The next generation is approaching, yesterday Nintendo revealed some new info on the Wii U, and there are so many Next Xbox and PS4 rumors buzzing around it’s beyond ridiculous. Yet, there are still cries that we don’t need new media hu… umm, consoles, and this may or may not be true. But we’ll have our answer by the end of the year thanks to games like The Last of Us, Halo 4, Mass Effect 3, Bioshock Infinite, and hopefully GTA V.

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h311rais3r2456d ago

But imagine what next gen could be? Last of us 2?

GribbleGrunger2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

me too. i wish the media would stop coming up with this nonsense. when are they ever going to simply accept that all PS branded product are going to be on the market for at least 10 years. it will have nothing to do with TLOU. it's just Sony's strategy and always has been

GribbleGrunger2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

double post

DA_SHREDDER2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

Good for you. Doesn't mean we should have to deal with obsolete tech just cause your content.

BTW, GTA5 is coming to the WiiU, guess what version I'll be buying of the game? Hopefully the WiiU version has 3D. Considering how much more powerful the WiiU will be compared to current gen versions, the 3D wont take away from any important resources such as RAM and strain on the GPU. :)

GribbleGrunger2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

since when did the WiiU get 3D? and it's only twice as powerful as a 360 at best. probably PS3.5 in real terms. don't expect to see anything better than you've already seen. just be thankful that we have three HD machines on the market at last. you do realise that Nintendo are only just joining this gen? they're not leaping two gens to equal the power of PS4 or 720 you know... but at least we'll be able to put an end to the 'graphics don't matter' argument i heard so often over the last 5 years, because clearly they do

and imagine what will happen when all devs are free to make games of Naughty Dog standard. we'll have two consoles on the market with at least 25GB of memory at their disposal. that'll tip the balance even further in terms of content and diversity, which could (and probably will) leave MS stranded with a 3 DVD problem on tons of games from that point on

Shackdaddy8362456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )


1.) The wiiU was already confirmed to be 3D-compatible at E3. Took me 1 second on google to find that out.
2.) You know absolutely dip about the power of the wiiu so don't make those stupid "oh it's only x times better than _____" comments.

SkyCrawler2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

while they may be good for you right now, I'm sure some time in the future you're gonna want something more.

dark-hollow2456d ago

You people dont get it.
Next generation doesnt mean only better graphics nor the current consoles need to totally die so they can release the successor.

Next gen means new games, fresh ideas, better features that wasnt possible on the current consoles.
We already have trilogies this gen (mass effect, uncharted, gears of war, resistance and so on)

Times are moving on and we need a new tech!
1080P tvs are the norm now and yet 99% games are 720P or even less!!
No more ugly jaggies, low res shadows and textures etc.

Love it or hate it, graphics are one of the most important aspect of gaming.

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m232456d ago

I highly doubt Microsoft decided to "throw" Halo 4 onto the Xbox 360 just because they needed an announcement for E3. It's more than likely the install base of the system and the amount of sales they will be able to reach once the games releases.

telekineticmantis2456d ago

partcularly from a technical standpoint, whatelse do we need from a console?

cyguration2455d ago

Games that don't hold back PC gamers?

If you want to keep playing on the current gen consoles that's fine. But like others have mentioned, some of us are ready to play more than just rehashes, sequels and threequals.

I'm ready to play an open world game with fully destructible environments that don't fade away every 5 seconds.

I'm also ready to play a game that doesn't have the same two vehicles on screen for 20 minutes at a time.

I'd also like to play games where bad guys aren't only present in the area you're in or spawn out of doorways that work as spawn-machines.

I'd like to play more non-linear games that give you choice without being technically peaked.

I'd like to play games without pop-ins or horrible texture resolution because yes, that can ruin the experience.

It would also be nice to finally have RAM hungry games like STALKER actually make it onto consoles without being neutered or gimped of its flourishing eco-system to accommodate six year old hardware.

telekineticmantis2455d ago

the cosmetics of videogames. I see Sony and microsft adding periferrals to the machines they have right now. The Wii U is coming out but I see Sony using the vita in a very similar way. Microsoft could do the same also. I would love all that stuff but to invest hundreds of dollars for what are basically cosmetics, not really necessary.

GamingTruth2456d ago

the last of us to me looks far superior to uncharted 3 if its the same engine then i couldnt tell, ill tell you how to find if ps3 has reached its pinnacle, get a cg movie maker to develop for it since thats who were supposed to be ps3 developers in the first place, so no these games wont prove ps3 is at the end of the road not at all

Shaman2456d ago

Last of Us was made with "PS3 farms" rendering it in real time. Meaning couple PS3's rendering trailer you saw.

AntiProton2454d ago

@Gamingtruth. Could not reply to you directly so putting it here. Shaman, sorry for the notification.

This is what i found after doing some quick research.

Another link to a picture showing NG's 8 ps3's rendering farm.

Genki2456d ago

Interesting post, and refreshing to actually read a well written video game blog for a change.

Regardless, I disagree. I don't believe that any of these games and franchises hold that much sway over anybody's plans for future hardware developments. The market history, global economy, tech trends, budget, and R&D have infinitely more to do with that. IMHO, the only thing that the market performance of these games will affect is their own future and the potential user base of the future consoles. If The Last of Us does well, expect another incarnation, whether that be during the PS3's home stretch, a Vita spin-off, or a launch window title for the PS4. I think there are far too many factors that affect launch timing than a small set of games; I'm certain that these things have been set in set in stone a long time ago and the wheels are already turning.

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