Just Cause Review

There are few games that exude such a manic sense of complete, undeniable fun that you can't help but get carried away by proceedings, no matter how many niggles might pop up and try and spoil things. Case in point: Katamari Damacy - it's technically unimpressive, repetitive and way, way too short. Thing is though, it's such an absolutely joyous experience, anyone with a soul would rightly stick a long, pointy middle finger in the general direction of any naysayers in the vicinity.

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Aramis0015855d ago

Looks like a great game, held back by bugs and glitches. The good thing is though, that with live, patching it should not be a problem. I'll definetely grab this once a patch is released.

PS360PCROCKS5854d ago

Awesome that another great game is out on the 360

JPomper5854d ago

Man, that article just sucked Just Causes d!ck, huh? The demo was fun enough... I just wonder if the game is worth full price.

Bluemayhem5854d ago

did you see that IGN has two reviews of this game?
One has a rating of 8.8 and the other 6.8, whats all this garbage about.
Seriously IGN and Gamespot are some of the worst mainstream review sites online.