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"Linear." A word hurled at the original Final Fantasy XIII without relent, and rightly so. The game funneled players down a hallway for more than 20 hours while it told a provocative story of defying the gods. No matter how you felt about its battle system, you still had precious little to explore.

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Ranma12550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

They gave FF13 and 8.9, so this game is worse than FF13-2 according to them?

Well done Square Enix. My favourite series of all time used to get no less than 9's from IGN

I dont hate SE, i just want them to make better games like Squaresoft.

Bioshocking2550d ago


lol I just put this story up no less than a minute IGN posted it.... and you got it up 6 minutes before.

Either my internet sucks.... or your a time traveler.

Your probably a time traveler :p

Blastoise2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

I agree Ranma1. In fact I agree with almost everything you say about the Final fantasy series. You`re a hero to all those people who really loved the old FF games and truly got screwed over by these awful westernised abominations they call Final fantasy XIII & Final fantasy XIII-2.

Blastoise2550d ago

Well...something like that

brish2550d ago

It's a sad day when a n4g troll gets called a hero.


Blastoise2550d ago

Troll or not, the guy speaks the truth *Shrug*

MmaFan-Qc2549d ago

what's that sound?

oh yeah, ....thats Ranma1 raging because the game got a good 8/10 aka 4/5

keep raging homie! !

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Dark112550d ago

Don't trust Reviews ..

KeybladeMaster2550d ago

Oh so now its don't trust the reviews huh? What happened to those people yesterday who were bashing PSLS review of the game and were "waiting for a more credible site".

You guys just need to get over yourselves. XIII wasn't a great game and it's only logical that a game that is keeping the same battle system, world, story and characters is not going to be that great either.

Capt-FuzzyPants2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

For Ranma1 it all depends. If this game gets a good review he'll say don't trust reviews. If the game gets a bad score he'll say base your decision on the review. It's the nature of trolls. The decision should be based on what you think. We all have different tastes. If I think it looks cool I'll pick it up.

JaredH2550d ago

The best part is that it's the same guy who reviewed both games yet he gave FF13-2 a lower score but said it was better than 13...

Sevir2550d ago

in battle systems, character progression, and exploration, but left the story to dry! so on a technical level this game is more rewarding than its progenitor, but the story sucks especially when they left the game way open for another entry to tie things up! I may just skip this one. if i cant have the full experience with an amazing story and explorations i just dont want it! My consensus, FF13 and 13-2 just arent up to par!

SephirothX212550d ago

Read the review. The reviewer says that its better than the first one. Don't just judge by the score. You have to take time into account and the fact that the same reviewer doesn't review all games. The story is the let down with this game seemingly but the combat system and element of freedom has been praised. Of course the extremists won't dwell on those aspects because they're idiots. It may not be at the same level as the older FF games but it still looks like an enjoyable game and better than XIII.

ReservoirDog3162550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

"Without question, it's a better game, but Final Fantasy XIII-2 makes costly sacrifices to its narrative in order to achieve mechanical advancements."

I liked FFXIII but I can't abide by that statement. Story is most important in a JRPG. Definitely a skip now.

PamPoovey2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

I can't take this seriously....I mean

"Sound - 9
Excellent voice work from the actors behind Serah and Noel, with solid performances from the rest of the supporting cast. A great soundtrack with more vocals than most Final Fantasy games to date."

Really...good voice work, it's bad, like really bad. It sounds cheesy as hell and you can't hear two characters from a full cast and rate it a 9.....a 9 should be given if EVERYONE does a great job at voice acting, I mean seriously it's not on the same level as Red Dead, Mass Effect or even Uncharted.

"Lasting Appeal - 9
Tremendous post-game content, considering you can beat the main quest with about 40 of the 160 collectible memory fragments. Easy to return to the world and continue fighting after the credits roll."

So collecting fragments make it have long lasting appeal, sorry but that would get boring fast, especialy with how boring the battle system is.....every fight you button mash the X button and rely on lady luck to win. A 9 is something you would get from Skyrim, multiple quests, unique weapons, armor, maxing out all skills etc

It's like they are scared of fan backlash, but I mean it's not like the majority of us are going to care. I'm hearing a lot of "It's better then FF13" but the scores are lower, obviously the game isn't as good of an improvment as they say....are they trying to sugar coat this.

Biggest2550d ago

Collecting random nothings works for most other games as well. Remember the shards in InFamous and the orbs in Crackdown. People seriously looked forward to Crackdown 2 BECAUSE of the "fragment" collection.

PamPoovey2550d ago

It works both ways though, remember the flags/feathers/Animus Fragments from the Assassins Creed games........ouch :|

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MaideninBlack2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

i think the days when a Final Fantasy game gets unjustifiable high scores ended with FFXIII.

Unless the score comes from Famitsu that is.

ReservoirDog3162550d ago

XII was worse than XIII.

The "plays itself" combat was 80x worse with gambits in XII. And got even easier once you got the higher end gambits.

And the story was boring*** and the music was boring.

Sevir2550d ago

FF12 is by far the worst everything you listed about it is accurate! >_>

HeavenlySnipes2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

By the time you got the higher end gambits, you'd be facing harder enemies. Enemies that can inflict many different types of diseases and such. Just making your AI cure this automatically takes up all the gambit space. Its only possible to have your AI fight enemies weaker than themselves without your help, and even with that, its a positive.

You could always NOT use gambits and see how the game plays then too.

Comparing the gameplay and content, FFXII >>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>> >>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>> FFXIII. TONS of side missions and places to explore apart from the story. Many espers to hunt down and monsters to add to the trophy collection. Due to the gambit system, you could focus on one character without having to worry about the AI standing there like a dumbass in the middle of a fight.

There is honestly NOTHING ffXIII does better aparat from graphics. There is a reason FFXII is tied with FFVI and FFVII as the second highest rated FF game. It was also the first FF game to get 40/40 from famitsu. Don't kid yourself

ReservoirDog3162550d ago

@ heaven

Haha, I don't care about reviews least of all famistu who went crazy about the time FFXII came out. It had sidequests that kept you busy sure but it all felt so bland with its "political" and "serious" story and terrible terrible* characters.

Gambits needed to automatically watch the game play itself: heal characters with 30% health, attack the enemy I pick and heal sleep and nothing can stop you. I tried twice to finish it after I bought the collector's edition and the farthest I made it was this really big field after Bathier's dad makes an 11th hour appearance as the bad guy.

It was just like.....ehhh. No amount of sidequests could stop that. Even FFX was terribly linear but ten times the game any modern RPG is.

I don't care what others think. XIII was decent, XII was boring (and the mics the recorded the voices with must* have been broken) and X was a masterpiece.

Don't try to sell that XII wasn't the precurser to XIII in every way but so much worse because famistu says so. FFXIII's combat is a streamlined version of XII.

Tdmd2550d ago

No, it wasn't. XII was a much deeper game, with much more content, better level system, better characters and tremendously better voice acting. It was really fun to explore that world, to find out new areas, to rely on clues and weather to find the mosters you was hunting. Anyway, XII was much better game (which I wish to see in hd sometime in the future). The only thing XIII did better was its graphics and soundtrack...

ReservoirDog3162550d ago

@ Dmd

Well of course it's a much deeper game but that doesn't make it better. A game can have 100 hours of content but be incredibly boring. Like FFXIII. There was only 1 interesting character that had personality and that was Bathier. The rest were just going through the motions involved in a story that very little ever happens in. It had a lot going for it but had such a boring tone.

FFXIII took some obvious steps back (forget about graphics, of course graphics will get better with time) but the signs for how FFXIII would be were there to see in FFXII (in the plays itself gameplay) and FFX (linearity [which I never understood to be a complaint, not every game needs to be open world]). I enjoyed FFXIII at the end of the day though. Great? No. But at least it wasn't boring.

Tdmd2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

Well, to each, their own. I believe that depth and freedom makes for better games, in which a gamer would have fun just by messing around with its system and getting to know the options it provides to spend time in the world the game creates. XIII was so restrictive that even though you wouldn't get a break from the fights, it wouldn't allow you to level up as you felt pleased! That felt stupidly pointless. Fighting for the sake of fighting in a game where the combat system would play itself? Whose retarded idea was that?! At least they were able to throw in some level of variation in the form of exploration and side quests, right? Oh wait, no they weren’t! After all those pointless battles, you’d get to sit back and watch a cutscene involving annoying characters, bad voice acting and a convoluted story. And than back to the fighting! And XII was a borefest? Really?!

In regards to the characters, I also believe the cast in XII where much more likable than in XIII: I cared about Balthier, Fran, Ash and even Penelo, while there wasn't a single character in XIII that I was really fond of. I like a lot of the guest characters in XII too (something absent on XIII). Not to mention the world itself - if I can’t explore it, find out its secrets, take my time in each area, I just can’t get immersed. XIII where the jrpg equivalent of an on-rails fps. With no freedom whatsoever, no towns, no npcs, no side-quests and absolutely nothing to do other than fight, run forwards, watch cutscenes and repeat, It was like watching a beautiful world trapped inside the glass walls of an aquarium.
XIII was the first FF ever that I've actually gave up on finishing. Than, months after getting it, while there was nothing better to play, I've just picked it back and rushed to the end as fast as I could, just so I could be done with that. XII, in the other hand, I've finished twice - taking my sweet time with each playtrough, and would do it again with a possible hd release!
As I've said, to each their own.

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betan212550d ago

for me i dont wait on anyone's reviews in order for me to play any types of games.I will be to the judge when i get my copy.

quovladis2550d ago

this is crazy, i watched the IGN live stream and they said that XIII-2 is a lot better than XIII :) And now they give it a lousy '8'? IGN sucks so bad..

MidnytRain2550d ago

The biggest complaint is the story, which they can't really speak on before finishing it. Also "lousy 8"?

Sevir2550d ago

The game makes plenty of head way in addressing exploration concerns and battle systems but the pretty much gave you one central theme and a bunch of crap side quest in fixing paralaxes in order to bring Serah to Lightning as the main driving force! So as they say. FF13 has a better story but horrible game play mechanics wich in the end makes the experience Lame while 13-2 has a better gameplay but lame story! to me it sounds like FF13 </= FF13-2

Valorous_Entity2550d ago

The story is horrible what do you guys expect?

MaideninBlack2550d ago

There was a time when FF told memorable stories.

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