Capcom on the lack of Chris and Wesker in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Capcom’s Mikeeb explains why two mainstays in the Resident Evil series, Chris and Wesker, won’t be in the upcoming Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

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scofios2452d ago

Chris was busy pumping iron.
And Wesker was watching The Matrix trilogy.
Both didn't have time they where preparing them selfs for Resident evil 5.

DarkBlood2452d ago

lol at above post

anyways no shit they arent in the game wesker had ada sent in the city to gather the G virus only briefly seen in one cutscene on video in umbrella chronicles

and chris was somewhere off europe investigating another branch presumably one of the newer games might show that?

whats interesting is not a sight of jill in any of the trailer so far youd think there would be after they show the nemesis

MasterD9192452d ago

Wonder how they would do a sequel for this game if they are using the events from 2 and 3....

I'd like to maybe see a prequel.