Free MMO Spotlight: Dungeons and Dragons Online

We shine a light onto a game that's been running for 5 years in the shadows if bigger titles.

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xxxAnubisxxx2553d ago

Still going strong after all these years... nicely done D&D!

Lelldorianx2553d ago

I've been playing D&D/Savage Worlds for years now. I tried the MMO version about 2 years ago and was extremely disappointed, but at the time it was still a pay-to-play game, so the audience was tiny. Maybe I'll giev it another download.

JLesinski2553d ago

Can't believe D&D is still around. I guess the next step was to take it online

MrGunny942553d ago

D&D grows stronger and stronger! Nice to see it's still around... Had a blast playing this with my school mates!