ROUNDTABLE'D: Game characters say, "See ya, SOPA!"

Once again, it’s time for our democratically elected panel of experts to hand down their unfunded mandates!

A popular uprising made SOPA's proponents withdraw support. But the Entertainment Software Association hung on until long after the Internet feasted on SOPA’s rotting corpse.

What have we learned from all this, panel of experts?

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THR1LLHOUSE2509d ago

I'd totally hang out in Isaac Clarke's creepy garage. We could talk about My Little Pony or whatever.

NagaSotuva2509d ago

Too bad George W. Bush is not a video-game character. Wait, I think he is.

Zha1tan2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

They say gooodbye SOPA!.........wait what?...Hello?....ACTA?!

Google it if you do not know what ACTA is.

ElliePage2509d ago

Obama already signed ACTA just like he did with NDAA.

Zha1tan2509d ago

And people still think Obama is a good candidate for the presidency? it makes me lawl

mynameisEvil2509d ago

@ Zha1tan
It makes me lawl that we voted him into office for the first time.

Actually, no, it doesn't make me lawl. It makes me weep.

Dude4202509d ago

Right and voting for the opposing parties would of made our world a better place and everyone would be dancing for joy around the rainbow holding hands. Wars would end, hunger abolished and everyone gets to share.

Please, as if voting for the opposing parties would all of a sudden make things better. Actions speak louder than words.

Zha1tan2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

@ Dude420

Its a better alternative than rolling over and just letting the same douchebag stroll into office who broke mostly every promise he made back when he was being elected.

Somebody has got to say it and the simple fact is Obama is only in the whitehouse because of the romantic notion of becoming the first black president like it was some kind of great milestone or something? well thats what it was to all the black people out there with chips on their shoulders. (sorry brah, truth be told)

To me he was just another bullshit candidate who went back on every word he said due to his entire campaign being funded by corprations (look it up)so naturally he looks out for their interests and not the peoples because effectively they have him by the balls.

Only politician ive seen in years with sincerity and a great understanding of people is Dr Ron Paul.

He makes damn good sense with foregin policies, i.e dont stick your nose were it does not belong e.g. Iran 1950s and formally apologise for all your middle eastern interferances.

He worked as a doctor for years and even took in people who had no health insurance.

He accuractely predicted almost every major event to occur up to today back in 2002 and people say his economic policies of abolishing the fed reserve are not sound? yeah that is why economically the US economy spiraled downwards when it was put in power.

Im not saying he is going to rescue the US from its 14 trillion!!! debt that is to far gone and impossible to ressurect, the country is going to collapse at some point, that is inevitable.

At least if he is in office you wont increase that debt with more pointless proxy wars fought for corpration gains....sorry! I mean to destroy "weapons of mass destruction" just like in Iraq *cough* oilfields...*cough* BP set up within the month *cough* sorry I was least he wont start WWIII with Iran because they have "weapons of Mass...sorry I mean huge deposits of lithium and other resources.

If you cant see All those other candidates are funded by corprations while RP is funded by the military troops and the people and you cant distiguish whos looking after whos interests you need to go and flush your head in a toilet because frankly nothing is floating around in there except pure shite.

Dude4202508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Hey man, I agree with you that Obama is BS. What you have to realize is that every damn candidate nowadays like to just suck up to the population, then once elected, stab them in the back. Sure Ron Paul might pull troops out of Iraq, which would be a great relief. He might also seem to be more understanding of people. However, how do you know if Ron Paul would keep his word if ever president? Every candidate seems to like making promises anyway, so what's to stop him?

I think you need to wake up and realize that corruption is everywhere no matter where you look. I will gladly retract my statement if Ron Paul ever makes president and actually KEEPS his promises. Until then my expectations are low. Like I said, actions speak louder than words.