The Reviewcast- A View to the Past – Mass Effect 2

[A View to the Past is a new feature on the Reviewcast, aimed at looking back at games; from the recent past, to way back in the day. We aim to keep these articles informal, light and (hopefully) fun to read.]

You wouldn’t have heard of Mass Effect 2. It was an indie Action/RPG released in 2010 to little fanfair. It only sold a few hundred copies and has the distinction of being one of the worst reviewed games of all time. Okay, so maybe I made that up. In reality, Mass Effect 2 is widely regarded as one of this generation’s best games, sold like breast shaped hotcakes and furthered Bioware’s reputation as kings amongst men.

Almost two years since it’s release, and with Mass Effect 3 fast approaching, I decided to sit down (or continue sitting) and tell you just why Mass Effect 2 is not only one of the best games of this generation, but also one of my favourite games of all time

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