Racial Epithet Shows Up on Minecraft Menu, Developer Apologizes

The newest version of Minecraft greets players with the sentence "You are a NIGGER," if they switch their language settings to Afrikaans, the native language of South Africa and Namibia.

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Jio2456d ago

If I was black, I would've laughed if I saw that when booting up minecraft...I'm a terrible person...

CrimsonEngage2456d ago

I laughed at this. Don't feel bad.

dvfaa2456d ago

That's horribly hilarious

T3MPL3TON 2456d ago

Being black, I've gotten way past that word meaning anything to me anymore however, that doesn't make it OK, and the excuse of "oops that just happened on accident" is purely bullshit, this should have been fixed plain and simple.

edgeofblade2456d ago

"Being black, I've gotten way past that word meaning anything to me"

Doesn't sound like it has, objectively speaking.

KING852456d ago

The mere fact that people are disagreeing with your comment shows that people still have a ways to go with their ignorance. Sadly some of the folks on here are considered the future generation.

videoxgamexfanboy2456d ago

Ill show them!!! Ill pirate this game while listening to N.W.A.!

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