Building Worlds: Midgar of Final Fantasy VII

"In the city of Midgar, no one but the very rich ever sees the clear sky.

Have you ever wondered about that? Why would a city be sealed? Why would a metal lid be placed on the hopes and dreams of its people? What does that simple design say about the world, its leaders and, of course, to the player about the narrative of this game?

I cannot say, when I first played Final Fantasy VII back in 1998, I ever thought much about it. What did the layout of a city mean to me when I could explore this world, talk to these characters and even, yes, breed chocobos? I was caught up in Cloud’s confusing life. Together, we wandered from place to place watching events unfold and, each time the game gave us more room, exploring the new edges. I never stopped to think about the reasons behind the designs."

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MWH2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

Freedom will always but supressed now or then, in a way or another and one has to fight to take it back. it's an earned right, those in power and wish to remain in power fears it most.

one of the many threads weaved in the fabric of our nature.

Ranma12456d ago

Freedom died in FF after FF9.

FF10 was really good and you could at least return to areas, its my fav game of all time. It had limited freedom but i would prefer a world map.

Tanir2456d ago

outside the box. um 12 was an offline mmo, you could literally put the controller down, walk away for a few hours and ur characters would be killing everything on its own, fully healed etc.

it was like a Bot system or something.

and the fact that everyone was just a skin of the other character was horrible and lame, no one was iconic because of it. lol, having to be petrified in order for a summon to come up? or have 20hp in ordder for a summon to come up? lmao, horrible game it was.

and Midgar being full 3d would be such a pain for any dev, its so huge, filled with so much clutter, so much going on, it was possible before because the camera's were fixed and everything was pre rendered, now you have to fully invision the city if they made a remake, Midgar is one of the reasons a proper remake would take so long

Outside_ofthe_Box2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

Same could be said for 13, yet you love it. Only difference between 13 and 12 is that 13 is a linear piece of turd while 12 is an example of how open Final Fantasy games should be.

12 is better than 13 no doubt about that. If you ignore the auto battle of 12 (which you didn't have to use) it's a solid FF game while 13 has so much going wrong for it that it's the worst Final Fantasy game in existence.

iMpuTeD2456d ago

this guy is thinkin way to hard lmao.