The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition Arrives April 17, Existing Owners Get Free Upgrade

CD Projekt RED’s announced via the Good Old Games storefront that The Witcher 2 will receive an Enhanced Edition update come April 17. All existing and future owners will get the update free of charge. For details on what's in store, hit the break.

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ATi_Elite2460d ago


Will wait for the Enhanced Edition before replaying The Witcher 2 again.

if you don't have TW2 then just wait for the Enhanced Edition

Pikajew2459d ago

More devs have to learn from this. When you do a big update it should be free

SKUD2459d ago

I agree. In fact, when the whole DLC train took off I thought. Aw sweet free extra content with my game purchase!. FUCK WAS I WRONG. My last good memory of free DLC back then was a Christmas map redone for COD-MW (PC version). Now you have a better chance of finding big foot then getting free DLC.

Animals_as_Leaders2459d ago

CD Project are a class act. I current playthrough half way through. I'll start it again when this update comes out...and I have a new GPU. :-D

AKS2459d ago

Time to roast another ailing gerbil with the dwarves.

closnyc42459d ago

sheeet, am on my second play through on dark mode...i dunno, i wanna see roches side now, maybe ill wait? no way, imma finish it and then do it all over again with new quests and new updates! i hope the steam cheevos get updated so i can get EVERY...SINGLE...ONE....

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